Official Eclipse 3.5 builds for Solaris

Eclipse 3.5 running on solaris

Eclipse 3.5 running on solaris

Eclipse 3.5 M7 introduced a small gem in the Eclipse Platform: Solaris x86 has joined the lineup of supported configurations for which SWT and Eclipse are routinely built.

Although there always ways the option of Solipse, it is better to have the official platform vendorsupport your configurations. The change does make OpenSolaris a more attractive development platform, and I’m more inclined than ever to make the switch.

And here’s a bug report to Increase visibility of Solaris x86 builds on, as I feel they should be better represented.

And for the lazy amongst us, here’s a direct download link for the Solaris x86 Eclipse SDK.


Mylyn-Mantis connector quick install in Mylyn 3.2

The recent Mylyn 3.2 release features a host of improvements, but one stands out for me, as a Mylyn-Mantis connector committer: the connector discovery mechanism, which allows easy installation of connectors. Mik Kersten has blogged about this already, so I won’t spent too much time praising it.

Even more exciting is that it includes the Mylyn-Mantis connector by default:


This is great news for our visibility, and I hope it will bring a lot of new users, and possibly new contributors.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.