Mylyn-Mantis connector quick install in Mylyn 3.2

The recent Mylyn 3.2 release features a host of improvements, but one stands out for me, as a Mylyn-Mantis connector committer: the connector discovery mechanism, which allows easy installation of connectors. Mik Kersten has blogged about this already, so I won’t spent too much time praising it.

Even more exciting is that it includes the Mylyn-Mantis connector by default:


This is great news for our visibility, and I hope it will bring a lot of new users, and possibly new contributors.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.



  1. I just found your blog via stackoverflow 🙂 I also have high hopes for new Mylyn Connector Discovery feature. I was testing various eclipse/mylyn versions today and found that it doesn’t work on Ganymede with mylyn 3.2 installed … probably because it relies on latest P2 features… but it’s cool feature anyway. Congrats on having Mantis connector included.

  2. Robert said

    Thanks, and likewise for Foglyn 🙂

    Yes, 3.4.2 does not work – there is not ‘Install additional connectors’ action. I guess this means that the exposure will be gradual rather than instant, but it is exposure, and that can only be good.

  3. […] Mylyn-Mantis connector quick install in Mylyn 3.2 by Robert […]

  4. […] Mylyn-Mantis connector quick install in Mylyn 3.2 by Robert […]

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