Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.5 released

Custom field support

The headline for this release is custom fields are now supported. The fields are enabled by default and usable for both new task submissions and editing existing tasks. I’ve also enabled the ETA field to be a drop-down list.


Filtered trees for project selection

Project selection for the new task wizard and new query wizard now use the more elegant filtered trees provided by the Mylyn project.



Increased responsiveness

The new pages should feel much faster than the old ones since reviewing them has uncovered some unfounded assumptions which were costly performance-wise.

Minor fixes

I’ve also taken care of a few minor annoyances:

  1. Replying to comments now properly quotes the origin, instead of (null);
  2. It is now possible to attach more than one screenshot, and the user-submited names are respected;
  3. Mantis installations with more exotic access threshold  values don’t cause task retrieval failures;
  4. Repository configuration updates now have a more predictable progress rate;
  5. Bundle dependencies are now more carefully set, to assist integrators.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.


Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.4 released

Summer seems to be a good time for hacking code, and I’ve prepared a new release of the Mantis Connector for Mylyn.

Version 3.0.4 adds the possibility of creating sub-tasks for repositories which support it ( version 1.2.0a3 or better):


Other fixes of interest are:

  1. Provide user-friendly error messages on repository validation;
  2. Fixed problem with file uploads which happened on starting with Mantis 1.1.7;
  3. Fixed problem with being unable to submit tasks for repositories with custom priorities.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.