Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.5.0 released

Monitoring tasks

Thanks to recent improvements in the MantisBT SOAP API the task monitor list is available and also the ability to add yourself to the monitor list. This functionality is only available for installations running MantisBT 1.2.5 or newer.

Rich text support for comments

Our rich text support is extended to the new comment editor. We are also rendering comments as HTML if the rich text editor preference is enabled.

Tree display of sub-projects

Sub-projects are now displayed in a proper tree. This is more consistent with the Eclipse visual metaphors and fixes a display problem specific to Mac OS X .

Better rich text editor support

Thanks to recent improvements in both the connector and the HtmlText feature from Mylyn we are now able to generate exactly the markup that MantisBT expects . This should greatly improve the experience when using both the web interface and the text editor.


Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.4 released

This release of the connector brings around minor improvements and bugfixes.

One notably troublesome problem was not being able to run under IBM RAD 7.5.5, which was solved by re-organizing the Import-Package and Require-Bundle statements to please the 3.4 platform.

Yet another bug which affected non-English based MantisBT installations was fixed, and installation from the Mylyn Connector discover tool / Eclipse Marketplace was fixed.

This release also features support for the SOAP API changes from MantisBT 1.2.2.