Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.2.0 released

Version 3.2.0 is a major feature release, comprising of performance enhancements, complete support for localised MantisBT repositories and better support for repository-configured settings.

Performance enhancements

Refreshing the repository configuration is usually slow due to large number of configuration settings that are retrieved. A first step towards making this faster is to implement refreshing the configuration of a single project only. This feature is now implemented and you can refresh only a single project’s attributes using the corresponding task editor button .

Refresh project attributes only

In our tests this cuts down synchronization time from 28 seconds to 6 seconds for a MantisBT installation with 16 projects.

Complete support for localised repositories

We now consider support for localised repositories complete. If it works for an English installation, it should work for any other installation. This includes repository attribute values, mapping priorities and resolutions and task list decorations.

Please note that task attributes will not be properly displayed in certain circumstances, due to a bug in the MantisBT SOAP API – see Troubleshooting: empty attributes in task editor for more details and possible fixes. The good news is that this has already been fixed in MantisBT and will be available in the next stable release.

Better support for repository-configured defaults

All configurable default values for fields ( severity , steps to reproduce etc ) are now preselected when a new task is created. Also, the ‘resolve as’ action preselects the configured status from the repository, rather than defaulting to the current status of the task.

Repository validation enhancements

The unknown error dialog we recently introduces was relatively uncut and appeared in too many circumstances. We know have better detection of predefined error cases and in consequence do not show the dialog that often. In addition, there is a real hyperlink which points to the Mylyn-Mantis troubleshooting page.

We’re confident that this is the best release to date, so download it and give it a spin. If you encounter any issues, let us know through our bugtracker or support forum.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.5 released

Time has come for another release of the Mylyn connector for MantisBT. I find that these released don’t arrive so often since the connector is solid and has the features that I for one need for day-to-day usage.

Nevertheless, I found the time to remove some issues which have annoyed both me and the users kind enough to report them.

Correct display of incoming changes

I’ve worked hard to correctly display incoming changes in both the task list and the popup notification used by Mylyn. The connector used to display changes from one step behind and this has annoyed me for a long time. No more.

Refer users to the wiki when needed

A lot of support issues have been generated by the fact that incorrectly configured MantisBT repositories work in the web interface, but not with Eclipse. We now suggest visiting the wiki in case an unexpected error appears when validating the repository. The link is Troubleshooting connection problems between MantisBT and Eclipse.


We have finally chased down the last remaining Web-Service related conflict, and we play nice when Web-Service related plugins are installed. Also, HTTP authentication works properly.


Some minor usability issues have also been fixed:

  • The query ‘maximum results’ property is now saved;
  • The ‘time spent’ is correctly formatted;
  • When creating a query for the first time, updating the repository configuration shows a progress dialog, not just a busy cursor.

Please update and report any issues found in our bugtracker or forums.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.4 released

This release of the connector brings around minor improvements and bugfixes.

One notably troublesome problem was not being able to run under IBM RAD 7.5.5, which was solved by re-organizing the Import-Package and Require-Bundle statements to please the 3.4 platform.

Yet another bug which affected non-English based MantisBT installations was fixed, and installation from the Mylyn Connector discover tool / Eclipse Marketplace was fixed.

This release also features support for the SOAP API changes from MantisBT 1.2.2.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.2 released

A few bugs sneaked in the 3.1.1 release – which should’ve been named 3.2.0 due to its new features –  so 3.1.2  a small bugfix and stability release is now out.

Noteworthy fixes:

  1. All repository dates were incorrectly parsed . This also had the unpleasant side effect of always considering the tasks stale, which slowed operations a lot.
  2. We now properly retrieve and set the ‘assigned’ status for bugs. This is important for both non-English installations and for projects using custom statuses.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.1 released

This version is hot on the heels of Mantis 1.2.0 , therefore we build on the latest SOAP features added in that release.

Retrieve tasks using built-in filters

Up till now, retrieving tasks was only possible if you defined filters using the web interface. We now take advantage of recent bug fixes in MantisBT to retrieve the latest project tasks, without defining a project filter.

Due date integration

We now recognize and display the due date field if the repository supports it. Not only that, but the Mantis and Mylyn due dates are kept in sync. Note the due icon and the due date overlay

Basic time tracking integration

It is now possible to add time tracking information, but only if a comment text is added.

The time tracking information for an issue is also presented.

It is not yet possible to see time tracking information for each individual comment or to enter the time tracking in a more friendly format, but I plan to add these in the future.

Other improvements

  1. The People part has been tweaked to allow an assignee when creating a new issue and to allow un-assignment of an issue.
  2. The task editor page now has a submit button at the top and has the private section integrated into the Mantis page, instead of a separate one.
  3. An annoying bug where the plugin would install but fail at startup for older versions of Mylyn has been fixed.

For comments, bugs and support requests, our bug tracker and forums await you.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.0 released

The Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.1.0 brings new features and stability improvements. The highlight of this release is building on Mylyn’s  web services support to bring a more predictable model of interaction with the Mantis repositories.

Credentials dialog

We now build on the support offered by Mylyn to display a credentials dialog when access is denied for a SOAP operation.


Improved sub-projects display

Sub-projects are now clearly displayed in the new query page.


View state is editable

Up till now the view state was present, but hidden. This release changes it to be visible and editable.

Gracefully handle large number of users

The MantisBT SOAP API does not handle large numbers of users well, and public installations such as the official MantisBT tracker have in excess of 15,000 users. We now populate the users list with the developers and gradually add any users found as issue reporters or note authors when retrieving data.

Resynchronise only when necessary

Up till now, all repository configuration changes happening inside Eclipse triggered a repository configuration refresh. This included changes which did not really affect the repository state, such as recording the last synchronisation timestamp. From now on we re-create the repository state only when a relevant property has changed.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.0.6 released

UI improvements

The Steps to reproduce and Additional info fields are now collapsed if empty. This helps increase the information density when first opening the task editor.


Better support for internationalised Mantis installations

Until this release the connector was reading the task status as a string and looking for the harcoded default values. This broke both internationalised Mantis installations and those with custom workflows.

Now we do the right thing and compare the task status priority with the one defined in the Mantis installation, which means we behave exactly as the web interface does.

Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.5 released

Custom field support

The headline for this release is custom fields are now supported. The fields are enabled by default and usable for both new task submissions and editing existing tasks. I’ve also enabled the ETA field to be a drop-down list.


Filtered trees for project selection

Project selection for the new task wizard and new query wizard now use the more elegant filtered trees provided by the Mylyn project.



Increased responsiveness

The new pages should feel much faster than the old ones since reviewing them has uncovered some unfounded assumptions which were costly performance-wise.

Minor fixes

I’ve also taken care of a few minor annoyances:

  1. Replying to comments now properly quotes the origin, instead of (null);
  2. It is now possible to attach more than one screenshot, and the user-submited names are respected;
  3. Mantis installations with more exotic access threshold  values don’t cause task retrieval failures;
  4. Repository configuration updates now have a more predictable progress rate;
  5. Bundle dependencies are now more carefully set, to assist integrators.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.

Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.4 released

Summer seems to be a good time for hacking code, and I’ve prepared a new release of the Mantis Connector for Mylyn.

Version 3.0.4 adds the possibility of creating sub-tasks for repositories which support it ( version 1.2.0a3 or better):


Other fixes of interest are:

  1. Provide user-friendly error messages on repository validation;
  2. Fixed problem with file uploads which happened on starting with Mantis 1.1.7;
  3. Fixed problem with being unable to submit tasks for repositories with custom priorities.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.

Mylyn-Mantis connector quick install in Mylyn 3.2

The recent Mylyn 3.2 release features a host of improvements, but one stands out for me, as a Mylyn-Mantis connector committer: the connector discovery mechanism, which allows easy installation of connectors. Mik Kersten has blogged about this already, so I won’t spent too much time praising it.

Even more exciting is that it includes the Mylyn-Mantis connector by default:


This is great news for our visibility, and I hope it will bring a lot of new users, and possibly new contributors.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.