Mylyn-Mantis Connector 3.0.5 released

Custom field support

The headline for this release is custom fields are now supported. The fields are enabled by default and usable for both new task submissions and editing existing tasks. I’ve also enabled the ETA field to be a drop-down list.


Filtered trees for project selection

Project selection for the new task wizard and new query wizard now use the more elegant filtered trees provided by the Mylyn project.



Increased responsiveness

The new pages should feel much faster than the old ones since reviewing them has uncovered some unfounded assumptions which were costly performance-wise.

Minor fixes

I’ve also taken care of a few minor annoyances:

  1. Replying to comments now properly quotes the origin, instead of (null);
  2. It is now possible to attach more than one screenshot, and the user-submited names are respected;
  3. Mantis installations with more exotic access threshold  values don’t cause task retrieval failures;
  4. Repository configuration updates now have a more predictable progress rate;
  5. Bundle dependencies are now more carefully set, to assist integrators.

As always, our bug tracker and forums await you.



  1. Hello Robert,

    may I have a question about support for multiple screenshots? Did you write custom “add attachment” dialog for this, or is there support for adding multiple screenshots/attachments directly in Mylyn?

    Thank you.

    • Robert said

      Hi Peter,

      The support is already there in Mylyn, but it’s retrieved in a convoluted way. I actually opened a bug report

      285921: ScreenshotCreationPage does not take user-selected file name into account

      and Steffen Pingel showed me how to properly extract the attachment name.

      • Thanks Robert. I think I got this right already (but I’ll check ;-)). I am more interested in attaching multiple files/screenshots at once. Is this somehow possible in Mylyn? I think there is feature request for this, but if I understand correctly, you support attaching multiple screenshots at once.

      • Robert said

        Now I understand 🙂

        We don’t support multiple attachments in one dialog at all. Our bug fix is related to attaching 2 screenshots at different times, which we did not do correctly. Now we do.

      • Ah, ok. Thank you.

  2. Luke P said

    I’m using 3.0.5 on Eclipse 3.4.0 and my Mantis is 1.1.8. Mantis install is very generic with no custom fields, etc.

    I can verify my Mantis connection and credentials just fine. I can select a default project for new tasks and a filter I’ve set up previously. But when I try to query the repository, I get this NPE:

    at com.itsolut.mantis.ui.wizard.MantisCustomQueryPage.refreshFilterCombo(
    at com.itsolut.mantis.ui.wizard.MantisCustomQueryPage.access$0(
    at com.itsolut.mantis.ui.wizard.MantisCustomQueryPage$1.widgetSelected(

    • Robert said

      Hi Luke,

      Are you sure you get this on a query? It looks like updating the repository attributes has failed.

      Can you please open a ticket on our Mantis bug tracker?

      • Luke P said

        I have no credentials to login to your Mantis.

      • Luke P said

        Nevermind. I see I can use my SF credentials. Bug submitted.

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  4. Mark said


    I use 3.0.6 Connector, Mantis 1.1.8 and Eclipse 3.5. I see on one of your screenshots target version. How can I do the same with my configuration?

    • Robert said


      You should see values for this field if you have at least one unreleased version added to your MantisBT project.


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  6. Does this support eclipse helios?

    I’m getting:
    Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
    Software being installed: Mylyn Tasks Connector: Mantis (
    Missing requirement: Mylyn Tasks Connector: Mantis ( requires ‘ [3.5.0,4.0.0)’ but it could not be found

    When I try to install.

    • Robert said


      We do support Eclipse 3.6, you just need a more recent version of Mylyn. Installation instructions for the most recent version of Mylyn can be found at .


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