Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.10.0 released

The major reason for this release is compatibility with the newly-released Mylyn 3.10.0 version. Of course, compatibility is retained with older Mylyn versions. Other feature highlights include:

  1. better usage of available space in the query page
  2. more resilience in case of incorrect server-side default values


  1. Martin said

    I can’t connect to mantis 1.2.5 after the upgrade. Did you have any problems like this one?

    • Robert said

      I’m using 1.2.15 right now so I can’t say anything about 1.2.5 . What error do you get?

      • Martin said

        Internal Server error (500). I will try to configure IE to show errors on remote computer to see the real description. I asked because maybe was a general thing. I’ll let you know if i find something. Thanks.

      • Martin said

        The error is: The repository has returned an invalid XML response: Processing instructions are not allowed within SOAP messages.
        The strange thing is that it was working with the previous version.

      • Robert said

        Can you post the errors from the server?

      • Martin said

        that’s the error the server give me. I’m using IIS with php module.

      • Robert said

        What about something in the error log? That would hopefully be more specific…

      • Martin said

        sorry, can’t find any logs on IIS. Do you have any soapUI test project to try to make the call with it?

      • Robert said

        You can set up SoapUI following the instructions at
        . Anyway, I’d suggest moving to a more recent version of MantisBT, as
        1.2.5 is two years behind the current 1.2.15 release.

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