Apache Sling: viewing bundles by start level

When packaging an Apache Sling application it is useful to see the final list of bundles included in your launchpad grouped by their start levels. This is especially true if the bundle list is configured using sensible defaults, for instance using the default bundle list as a start.

When the launchpad is packaged using the maven-bundle-plugin, the bundles are placed grouped by their start level under target/classes/resources/bundles . The ever-useful tree command allows us to inspect this directory ( I’ve removed some of the bundles to make the output easier to understand )

├── 0
│   ├── org.apache.sling.scripting.jsp-2.0.14.jar
│   ├── org.apache.sling.scripting.jsp.taglib-2.1.0.jar
│   ├── org.apache.sling.servlets.get-2.1.2.jar
│   ├── org.apache.sling.servlets.post-2.1.0.jar
│   ├── org.apache.sling.servlets.resolver-2.1.0.jar
│   └── org.apache.sling.settings-1.0.2.jar
├── 1
│   └── org.apache.sling.commons.log-2.1.2.jar
├── 10
│   ├── org.apache.felix.configadmin-1.2.8.jar
│   ├── org.apache.felix.eventadmin-1.2.10.jar
│   ├── org.apache.felix.metatype-1.0.4.jar
│   └── org.apache.felix.scr-1.6.0.jar
├── 15
│   ├── commons-discovery-0.5.jar
│   ├── derby-
│   ├── guava-12.0.jar
│   ├── jackrabbit-api-2.1.1.jar
│   ├── jackrabbit-jcr-commons-2.1.1.jar
│   ├── jackrabbit-jcr-rmi-2.1.1.jar
│   └── tika-bundle-0.6.jar
└── 5
    ├── org.apache.sling.extensions.threaddump-0.2.0.jar
    ├── org.apache.sling.extensions.webconsolebranding-1.0.0.jar
    ├── org.apache.sling.extensions.webconsolesecurityprovider-1.0.0.jar
    └── org.apache.sling.jcr.webconsole-1.0.0.jar

Although the directories are not ordered numerically – an option which I have not found in my version of the tree command – the output is easy to understand and offers an overview of the start levels and bundles associated with them.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.9.0 released

The major focus of this release is compatibility with the just-released Eclipse Juno , and implicitly Mylyn 3.8 .

Visual refresh

The query page has been streamlined to have a look which is more consistent with the other Mylyn connectors by using a horizontal layout which scales easier to large numbers of projects or filters.

The people selector fields have been changed from drop-downs to auto-complete fields . This has two major benefits:

  1. When scrolling the editor using the mouse wheel the focus is no longer stolen by the drop-downs
  2. With Mylyn 3.7 or newer, real names are displayed when auto-completing

Other improvements

The support for tags and time tracking has been improved . Also the connector is easier to run in non-OSGi environments.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.8.0 released

Support for the tags and profile fields

The profile fields – platform, OS and OS Version are now editable. The tags are also available using a custom selection box. Tags are only editable for MantisBT 1.2.9 or newer – not yet released.

HTML preview using WikiText

Rich text fields now use a lightweight WikiText-based renderer rather than the old HtmlText-one, which embedded a browser in the page. The new editor should provide better cross-platform stability and performance.

The rendered is enabled by default for new repositories. To enable it for existing repositories, open the repository properties page and in the ‘Task Editor Settings’ section select the Mantis HTML markup option.

Other improvements

Support for MantisBT 1.2.9

The connector support the upcoming MantisBT 1.2.9 version, which brings some small changes to the SOAP API.

Better support for date fields and time zones

The custom date field values are now correctly translated from the repository value. Also, with MantisBT 1.2.9 the date and time information will be displayed in the user’s local timezone.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.7.0 released

This release features multi-project queries, support for deleting task attachments and support for textarea custom fields.

Multi-project queries

MantisBT allows users to define filters as belonging to ‘All Projects’ . This is very useful for working with large numbers of projects and defining just one filter, e.g. ‘My tasks’ .  You can now use these filters in Eclipse, by selecting filters available under the ‘All Projects’ node:

Deleting task attachments

Task attachments may now be deleted from the attachment’s context menu.

Support for textarea custom fields

The development branch of MantisBT supports textarea custom fields. The plugin also supports them for the development branch.

As a direct consequence, users of TaskTop Dev can add a custom textarea field named task_relations to enable the full functionality of editing task associations.

Display attachment authors

Attachment authors are displayed.

Display the category in collapsed attributes section

When the attributes section is collapsed we now display a ‘project/category’ text hint. Previously only the project was displayed.

Other fixes

  1. More judicious use of the SOAP API, resulting in fewer remote calls and email notifications when updating existing issues;
  2. Fixes in comment hyperlink detection;
  3. Fixed duplication of available queries which would sometimes occur in the query page.

For comments, bugs and support requests, our bug tracker and forums await you.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.6.0 released

Mark private comments

Building on support from Mylyn 3.6, private comments are now marked as such in the task editor.

Delete tasks

We now enable deletion of task from the MantisBT repository, not only from the local task list.

Quicker task creation

When creating a new task, selecting a query or a task in the task list before creation short-circuits the project selection page, as the project is inferred from the current selection. If no selection is available, the project selection page appears as usual.

This can be combined with having the task selected and creating a task for a specific repository to bypass the new task wizard completely.

Support direct linking to bug comments

The MantisBT syntax of linking to comments using the ‘~’ prefix is now supported.

Mylyn-Mantis connector 3.5.0 released

Monitoring tasks

Thanks to recent improvements in the MantisBT SOAP API the task monitor list is available and also the ability to add yourself to the monitor list. This functionality is only available for installations running MantisBT 1.2.5 or newer.

Rich text support for comments

Our rich text support is extended to the new comment editor. We are also rendering comments as HTML if the rich text editor preference is enabled.

Tree display of sub-projects

Sub-projects are now displayed in a proper tree. This is more consistent with the Eclipse visual metaphors and fixes a display problem specific to Mac OS X .

Better rich text editor support

Thanks to recent improvements in both the connector and the HtmlText feature from Mylyn we are now able to generate exactly the markup that MantisBT expects . This should greatly improve the experience when using both the web interface and the text editor.

Mylyn-Mantis connector source moved to GitHub

SourceForge.net is a great place for an OpenSource project, taking care behind the scenes of many things so we don’t have to. That being said, GitHub’s way of encouraging contributions is a great incentive for projects to move there, so we bit the bullet and moved the source. The new location is https://github.com/Mylyn-Mantis/mylyn-mantis .

The current repository at SourceForge will remain in read-only while we make sure that the GitHub move is a success. Our other facilities – forums, issues, wiki etc – will remain at SourceForge for the time being.

To wrap up, here’s what you should take away from this posting:

fork, fork, fork

Forks away!